May 17, 2556-UNSC splits in half. One half leaves Earth and becomes a rebel group.

May 29, 2556-UNSC declares a possible return to planet Reach. Begins to build up resources to try to make Reach a survivable environment.

October 1, 2556-Rebels make it to Reach first and use a small group of islands as a base.

January 6, 2559-UNSC hires a group of ODST troopers to train the Spartan-IV program.

January 15, 2559-The first Spartan-IVs are taken from orphanages across Earth.

February 1, 2559-Five year old orphan Benjamin Juionep taken into the program.

February 19, 2559-Seven year old Orphan Zackary Kerenson taken into the program.

March 6, 2559-Seven Year old Owen Terokoin Taken into the program.

March 17, 2559-Five year old Logan Gordertan taken into the program.

July 5, 2566-UNSC sends squads of the 999 Spartan IVs to patrol Certan areas of Reach. Zeta Squad (Zack, Owen, Ben and Logan) are assigned to a mountainous region.

July 7, 2556-Delta Squad (Kade-055, Tony-978, Leonard-567, and Matthew-435) is assigned to patrol a desert area.

July 8, 2556-Zeta Squad is ambushed by rebels in the mountains. Zeta wins the firefight and goes on to discover a large cannon in their region. Is ordered to fall back to a safe distance.

July 9, 2556-UNSC command uses an air drone to discover what the cannon is. Discovers that the cannon is a nuclear missile launcher. Orders Zeta squad to intervene.

July 10, 2556-Zeta uses the canyon wall to get onto the wall protecting the cannon. Owen stays up high to provide sniper support. Zeta takes the wall. Zack, Ben and Logan fight their way down to the cannon as midnight passes.

July 11, 2556-Ben attempts to deactivate launcher. Logan covers him while Zack finishes off the remaining enemies. Zack attacks a rebel falcon, though it succeeds in taking off. Two ODST troopers who were in the area provide support, and they succeed in destroying the falcon. Realizing they cannot stop the cannon, Logan plants a bomb on it and Zeta and the ODST troopers run. they only just escape the blast.

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