For some of the scenes we have all four players being used for the main characters (Zeta Squad). The problem is that we then need to have people playing as rebels/alliance troops. It is too difficult to have someone switch from controller to controller and moving everyone around. It is fine when we have backround characters standing in the back or guards because they don't need to be moved but when we have a scene with a larger mass of characters moving, it just doesn't work. For example on the scene were we attack a rebel base to destroy a cannon, we have 3 characters jump onto the wall and 1 up top on a sniping point. But the thing is we need to have two other players(which we have using extra controllers) turning around and firing at those 3 while the other 1 is sniping. One suggestion would be to get rid of 1-2 of the main characters(Zeta Squad). That person would then play as regular enemy troops, spawning and going through a teleporter to make it look like there are more then just 1-2 players/rebels but also having used the extra controllers, we can also have players on standby. One other suggestion would be to keep all four Zeta Squad members but have the squad split up-For example Owen and Zack in on episode, and Heavy and Ben in another but use the other two who arn't playing as their characters in the episode be enemy or extra players. Post back your opinion on this please.-Owl

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