Zeta Squad Timeline Edit

Episode 1:Meet the Team-Edit

Shows inside of main UNSC base.

Two commanders talking about new Zeta Squad and members.

Shows members intros.

Has two members meet up at an outpost at reach.

They go out on a mission to disable large Rebel cannon.

They get far into the Rebel controlled area until they see the large cannon then episode ends.

Episode 2: Mission: Disable Super Cannon-Edit

They carry on into the base while Owl stays back on perch and snipes.

Zack goes in and takes out troops on the wall with help from Owl.

Zack gets down into the base and head into lower building for cover.

He takes out a few more Rebels before advancing on the cannon.

They take heavy fire and fall back into weapons storage while the fight continues.Zack kills the rest with help from Owl and hacks into the cannon.

He turns around to see a rebel making a get away in a falcon but gets shot down by Owl just in time.

Someone says a funny line and then end of episode 2.

Episode 3:Another Threat-Edit

Starts of with Ben and Heavy traveling in warthogs listening over the radio as they recieve orders.

They head to an old launch pad were they expect to find Rebels.

When they arrive they find out the elites are planning on getting revenge on the human race.

They continues through the lauch fucility killing all the elites.

At the end they find out that there are many more to come.(The elites don't come back into the series for a couple more episodes.)

End of episode.

Episode 4:Edit

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